Vacant WWE
Vacant pictured during one of his/her/their/its happier moments in WWE.

Just when you thought the pink slips had stopped flying at World Wrestling Entertainment, the company dropped a bombshell today with the announcement that it wishes multiple-title-holder Vacant “the best on his/her/their/its future endeavours.”

Vacant, the world’s first sports-entertainer without eyes or nostrils or other discerning human physical features, had a long and sporadically successful career in WWE, always ready to help the writers weasel their way out of a failing storyline or fired Superstar. 

Wrestling fans and pundits alike are abuzz about Vacant’s release, given the important role he/she/they/it has played in crucial storylines sporting competitions of hand-to-hand grappling.

Fans have united in a movement to get Vacant inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Vacant, to his credit, has remained focussed on his/her/their/its achievements:

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