Fans of professional wrestling in [MUNICIPALITY] booed and jeered [HEEL PRO WRESTLER] after he belittled the [LOCAL SPORTING SQUADRON] and said [MUNICIPALITY] is full of idiots. 

“You people are all losers, just like your [LOCAL SPORTING SQUADRON],” said [HEEL PRO WRESTLER]. “I hope I never have to come back to this [MUNICIPALITY] again.”

Making matters worse, he belittled [LOCAL HERO ATHLETE(S) AND/OR CELEBRITIES], causing the enraged audience to chant “[SYNCOPATED RHYTHMIC MONOSYLLABLES FOLLOWED BY FIVE CLAPS]!”

According to the wrestler, the town is a real [DUMP/HELLHOLE], and way worse than [NEIGHBORING MUNICIPALITY WITH RIVAL SPORTING SQUADRON]. 

Thankfully the tirade was interrupted by [BABYFACE WRESTLER ORIGINALLY FROM THE MUNICIPALITY OR STATE], who dashed to the ring wearing a [LOCAL SPORTS JERSEY] and attacked the heel with a series of [FLASHY BUT IMPLAUSIBLE ATTACKS].



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