Fans of professional sports-entertaining are reeling from yet another abrupt change of leadership of WWE Friday Night Smackdown after the company announced today that Bruce Prichard — who took the helm of the program from the fired Eric Bischoff just days ago — has himself been dismissed and replaced by creative genius Vincenzo “Vince” Russo.

A press release issued by WWE this morning wishes Prichard “okay on his future endeavors,” and welcomes back Russo, who single-handedly transformed professional wrestling from a lowbrow spectacle of theatrical violence into the respected, intellectually stimulating art form it is today.

prichard smackdown
Bruce Prichard (left) says he enjoyed his two days at the helm of SmackDown, and just wishes he “had a chance to actually run an episode.”

Reached for comment about his return to WWE, Russo said “Bro” several-dozen times. After a long and thoughtful pause, a teary-eyed Russo solemnly added “Bro.”

Sources within WWE reveal that Prichard was released because his creative ideas became “stale” and “overplayed” during his 49-hour tenure with Friday Night SmackDown.

According to one industry insider, who asked to be identified only as Tony S., Russo’s hiring is bound “to put butts in seats.”

Longtime wrestling fans will remember Russo as the brilliant creative mind who won the Monday Night War and saved Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling. Fans may remember Prichard for portraying Paul Bearer (manager of Abyss).

Under Russo’s guidance, SmackDown is expected to be the premiere brand in sports enterta– wait a second. We have just received word that Russo has been released from WWE, and SmackDown will now be helmed by former TNA boss Dixie Carter.

Early reports suggest that Carter will be in charge of SmackDown until roughly 7pm tomorrow, at which time she will be replaced by Gabe Sapolsky, who moments later will be replaced by Jim Cornette, who will be immediately replaced by Vince McMahon, who will just run the goddamn show himself, pal.


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