Heel heat
Seth Rollins did not win any new fans when he insulted Pittsburgh’s beloved local sporting squadrons.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is once again mired in controversy after one of its most prominent superstars, Seth Rollins, enraged the residents of Pittsburgh by insulting their local ice hockey squadron on live television.

“I don’t what stinks worse — you people or your beloved Penguins,” Rollins snarled while addressing fans in the very same arena where the Penguins play.

The outraged fans (or WWE Universe, as they have allowed themselves to be branded) responded with a volley of boos and taunts — but this reaction only seemed to encourage the dastardly wrestler.

“And don’t get me started on those pathetic Steelers,” added Rollins, referring to the city’s venerable football squadron.

WWE issued a formal apology for Rollins’ remarks, and insisted that such behavior “has never happened before, and will never be allowed to happen again.”

It is not known exactly why Rollins feels such animosity toward Pittsburgh’s professional sporting teams, nor why he is so adamant in belittling local fans.

Though Pittsburgh fans were rightly outraged by Rollins’ snide and unprovoked verbal attacks, unconfirmed reports suggest that he also hates the local sports teams in Miami, Philadelphia, Des Moines, Seattle, Toronto Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Detroit, Minneapolis, and at least 40 other North American cities.