husky harris bray wyatt
Bray Wyatt is back, but the dreadlocks, cryptic riddles and phantasmagoric mind-games are gone.

Bray Wyatt is back in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), having re-appeared at a live event yesterday in Tallahassee, but in the starkly less-fiendish form of Husky Harris. 

Gone are the dreadlocks and the horrifying mask, replaced by a shaggy wet moptop and a pair of trunks as nondescript as his gimmick. 

During his previous reign of terror in WWE, Wyatt played macabre mind-games with opponents through his ghoulish behaviour and creepy Firefly Fun House; now, he wants to impress fans with his grappling skills. 

“Sorry I got a little weird for a while, there,” he said. “I’m seeing a new therapist and feeling much more connected to reality.”

He is expected to pair up with a returning Michael McGillicutty in a tag team called The McGillihusky Experience. 


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