brains strowman
Brains Strowman is 17 minutes older and 158 IQ points smarter than his brother Braun, who was recently fired from WWE.

Christmas dinner might get a little awkward at the Strowman household this year, given that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fired Braun Strowman and then immediately hired his identical, though more clever, twin brother Brains. 

Professor Brains Q. Strowman is a sociobiologist currently on sabbatical year from Harvard University in order to conduct an ethnographic study of sports entertainers, and to flip over trucks and ambulances whenever possible. 

Whereas Braun is the natural athlete of the family, Brains is no slouch in the gym either, able to lift nearly as much weight as his brother while also reciting Shakespearean soliloquys from memory. 

Doctors don’t know why Brains developed a genius-level IQ while Braun remained mostly chimplike, able to only holler short phrases like “Get these hands.”

Brains reportedly hopes to form a tag team with Nicholas’ older brother, Copernicus. 

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