After witnessing Mae Young perform a striptease for Hornswoggle in a WWE locker room, Ron Simmons — who was recently “saved” during an evangelical ministry led by Ted DiBiase — summed up his bewilderment with a resounding “Darn!”

Simmons, a former heavyweight champion with a reputation for brawling and boozing, has cleaned up his image and his language since finding God.

Some of his old habits — such as quietly surveying an absurd situation with wide-eyed befuddlement before finally bellowing a one-word outburst — have remained, though he has substituted a less-blasphemous word to bellow.

“I won’t say the D-word anymore, but I think ‘darn’ is OK,” Simmons told Kayfabe News. “The good Lord doesn’t mind ‘darn.’”

Sales of new Ron Simmons merchandise — a black t-shirt emblazoned with the word ‘DARN’ in white block letters — are reportedly sluggish.