Booker t commentator
Booker T is the best commentator in WWE, according to a person who has been deaf since birth.

Despite widespread criticism from members of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), wrestler-turned-commentator Booker T is “doing an excellent job,” insists Dylan Quinn, a wrestling fan with a profound hearing impairment.

“I think Booker T is the best commentator on Raw,” 27-year-old Quinn, legally deaf since birth, expressed via American Sign Language.

“Booker’s always smiling, gesturing wildly, making goofy faces — it’s very entertaining.”

Because he does not turn on subtitles when watching WWE programming, Quinn is blissfully unaware that Booker T’s commentary is mostly┬ánonsensical gibberish and foot-in-mouth gaffes punctuated by repeated utterances of the words “shucky ducky.”

This isn’t the first time Quinn’s impairment has led to misapprehensions about pro wrestlers: he believes the Rock is actually funny, Lana has a passable Russian accent, and Jeff Hardy’s music is not terrible.

Quinn was also the only person in a crowd of 15,000 fans at a recent WWE live event in Atlanta who had a justifiable reason to chant “WHAT?!”