Bobby Roode glorious
Bobby Roode insisted that the female singers in this choir all be named Gloria.

Although he is portrayed as a narcissistic megalomaniac, professional wrestler Bobby Roode insists people have misunderstood his orchestral theme song, which is actually a tribute to all the women named Gloria he admires.

“Gloria Estefan, Gloria Steinem, Gloria Vanderbilt — I’m just a big fan of all Glorias,” Roode said today at an NXT press conference in Orlando.

Roode says his admiration for women named Gloria began with an admiration for Gloria Swanson, a silent-film starlet who rose to fame under the direction of Cecil B. DeMille.

“If anyone ever tries to besmirch a Gloria, I will defend,” Roode said.

After a pause, he added: “I will defend.”

Roode said he also feels a strong kinship with Beckham, Justice, Baldesarra — “and basically all the Victorias.”

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