Bobby Eaton's shiny jacket, middling physique and blond mullet seem to contradict his nickname.

At a recent independent wrestling event in rural Delaware, veteran wrestler Bobby Eaton was introduced as “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, though no one in attendance could quite figure out why.

“Yeah, that was weird,” said 17-year-old fan Todd Benson. “I mean, he’s not a monster or anything, but beautiful? Uh, not really.”

Eaton’s nickname has puzzled wrestling fans for decades, since many in the industry argue that it never accurately described him, even at the peak of his physical attractiveness in the 1980s.

“I’d say beautiful was always an overstatement,” says wrestling historian Stu Crewda. “I always thought he should have been called Adequate Bobby Eaton, or perhaps Passable Bobby Eaton”

Many fans agree that the most non-beautiful thing about Eaton is his spiky blond mullet, though they concede it isn’t nearly as terrible as Ricky Morton’s.