bob saget wwe hall of fame
The WWE Hall of Fame (a sprawling architectural marvel in Connecticut) will finally have a room dedicated to sports-entertainment pioneer Bob Saget.

The conspicuous longtime absence of funnyman Bob Saget from the WWE Hall of Fame is finally being rectified, as the company revealed today that he will enter the Celebrity Wing among the 2018 class of inductees.

The night before WrestleMania, Saget will take his rightful place alongside professional wrestling luminaries such as Bob Eucker, Drew Carey, and that weird old orange guy from The Apprentice who is on Fox News a lot lately.

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Perhaps best known for his role as Danny Tanner on the television sitcom Full House (a darkly satirical and critically acclaimed depiction of the hopelessness of the human condition), Saget was probably a guest host of Raw at some point, or maybe he did some schtick with David Arquette in WCW or something — we can’t quite remember.

Regardless, Saget clearly belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame, because we’re pretty sure he — or was it John Stamos? — did a skit backstage with Santino and some Muppets one time. Or was that Bob Barker? Wait, are we thinking of the time Charlie Sheen hosted via Skype? What the hell was with that, anyway?

Perhaps Saget has not actually had any interaction with WWE whatsoever, but apparently he did something with Chikara once, which makes him at least as deserving of a Hall of Fame induction as Snoop Dogg, right?


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