Thurman Sparky Plugg
After a long wrestling career, Bob Holly is transitioning from the squared circle back to the big oval, having rediscovered his first love, NASCAR.

After a long and moderately successful WWE career, Bob Holly is returning to what he calls his “first true love,” NASCAR racing.

“The wrestling thing was OK, I guess, but NASCAR is where my heart is,” Holly told Kayfabe News.

“My real passion has always been driving a noisy car around an oval for hours and hours.”

Holly plans to revert back to his real name, Thurman “Sparky” Plugg, because he always found Bob Holly to be “a pretty silly name.”

Puzzlingly, despite Holly’s claims to have had a long and storied racing history, a spokesperson for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing says there “is no record of anyone by the name of Bob Holly or Thurman Plugg ever competing in a single NASCAR race.”

Pressed for comment, Holly punched the reporter and stormed off.