Billy and chuck reunion
Billy and Chuck in happier times, before an unaccepting society drove them apart.

When estranged former tag-team partners and lovers Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo bumped into one another at an airport motel bar yesterday, old passions were rekindled, sparking a tawdry one-night stand.

More than 12 years have passed since the duo went their separate ways following an ill-fated commitment ceremony on WWE programming, during which they lied that their relationship was merely a “publicity stunt.”

In truth, both men got proverbial cold feet at the last minute when they realized that sanctifying their love would surely ostracize them in the testosterone-fuelled world of professional wrestling.

Though both men found happiness in the ensuing years — Billy competed in TNA Wrestling before reuniting with Road Dogg as the New Age Outlaws, and Palumbo found solace as a car enthusiast — each reportedly felt incomplete without his soulmate.

Their brief but tempestuous reunion in Tampa yesterday was, according to other guests staying at the motel, “very loud” and punctuated with shouts of “Ohh, Mr. Ass!” and “Let’s go get Rico!”