Knucklehead sequel
WWE superstar The Big Show is confirmed to star in parts 2 and 3 of Hollywood's next epic saga, The Knucklehead Trilogy.

WWE superstar The Big Show confirmed yesterday that he has reached a deal to star in the two sequels of the long-rumored Knucklehead Trilogy.

Hollywood insiders were abuzz yesterday with the news, as the trilogy is expected to be the most ambitious and monumental film project since the Lord of the Rings saga.

Though undisclosed at press time, The Big Show’s salary for reprising the role of kindhearted oaf Walter Krunk is expected to top $34 million, making him one of Hollywood’s hottest new assets.

Both Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese have expressed interest in directing the sequels, though executives at WWE Studios are remaining mum on the subject.

The first sequel — tentatively titled Knucklehead 2: Knuckleheadier — will pick up where the first film left off, with Krunk winning enough money in a wrestling tournament to save the orphanage where he grew up. The final instalment — Knucklehead 3: Electric Boogaloo — will follow Krunk’s ill-fated journey into the world of competitive breakdancing.

Inspired by the buzz surrounding the Knucklehead franchise, WWE Superstar Triple-H has reportedly approached several Hollywood directors about filming two sequels to The Chaperone, but so far no one is interested.