big show weight lossProfessional wrestler Paul “The Big Show” Wight recently returned to action after an extended hiatus, during which he lost significant weight in his attempt to join WWE’s popular Cruiserweight Division.

Reportedly tired or portraying a lumbering, hard-hitting giant, Wight has begun an ambitious weight-loss regimen that he hopes will put him under the 205-pound weight cutoff for the division.

Impressively, Wight has already lost 68 pounds thanks to a combination of diet, exercise, The Simon System, and Buddy Rose Blow-Away powder.

“Sixty-eight down, only 178 to go,” Wight tweeted this morning. “Cruiserweights, watch your backs.”

Dr. Bob Ponovich, WWE’s resident physician, has stated  that such drastic weight loss — particularly at his height of seven feet — may be dangerous.

“At 205 pounds, Mr. Wight will have a waistline of three inches, and his neck will likely shatter under the weight of his collossal head.”

Undeterred, Wight has said he will continue the regimen and “transform the Cruiserweight Division into the Cruiser-Wight Division.”