The long-awaited mega-budget Avatar sequel from director James Cameron is enchanting audiences with its CGI-driven depiction of the early wrestling career of Al Snow. 

Avatar 2: The Way of Snow takes moviegoers on a fantastical journey back to Omaticaya, where Neytiri meets a talented young masked wrestler named Avatar.

Since the release of the first Avatar movie, fans have been hoping for a sequel that would provide the full biographical backstory of Al Snow’s titular character. 

The movie depicts how Al Snow (real name Albert Precipitation) learned to wrestle with Lo’ak and Tuk and Colonel Miles Quaritch (who, obviously who was born on Pandora and was unable to be transported to Earth in cryostasis due to his young age), and then became a reliable WWE midcarder. 

Reviewers of the new Avatar movie have expressed puzzlement about why he takes his mask on and off at seemingly random intervals. 


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