bayley impact
Bayley holds her newly won Ladies’ “World” Championship.

Lady wrestler Bayley [SURNAME UNKNOWN] shocked fans an pundits alike yesterday when she captured the WWF Divas Championship or something.

We didn’t have time to do a lot of research on this one, but a bunch of wrestling nerds have been sharing a picture of Bayley holding her new championship (right), so we’re assuming it is kind of a big deal for some reason.

A recovering hugger, Bayley eschewed her inspirational goody-two-boots gimmick late last year, re-inventing herself as a mean girl with a new haircut and darker make-up, which means she is totally mean and stuff now.

Bayley’s victory sparked much excitement in the wrestling community, including from legend Tully Blanchard, who seemed especially enthusiastic for reasons unclear.

She evidently won a championship match last night, and now a bunch of nerds on the internet are sharing a picture of her holding what appears to be a newly revamped version of a ladies’ rasslin’ belt, which should probably have pink butterfly wings or something to indicate it is for girls.

So it seems congratulations are in order for Bayley, and let’s hope this spicy vixen of the squared circle shows us some more T-N-A, nudge nudge wink wink.



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