Bayley heel
Bayley says she is “done with hugging” and now just wants to make children cry.

Fed up with portraying a huggable beacon of positivity for young girls, Bayley has “turned heel” by bullying her fanbase with taunts about their weight, complexion and other traits about which they are woefully insecure.

“Nice tummy, fatty,” the NXT starlet told one impressionable young fan at ringside, who had attired herself with fluorescent streamers in support of her heroine.

“By the way,” Bayley added with a sneer, “your hair is gross.”

Bayley’s abrupt change of character comes as a shock to her fans and peers alike, as she has hitherto served as a positive role model for NXT’s young female demographic (which accounts for nearly one percent of the promotion’s total audience).

In keeping with her unpleasant new demeanour, Bayley has begun dressing in studded black leather and started smoking cigarettes during her entrances, accompanied by blaring Scandinavian death metal.

Her former mascots — wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube-men — have been replaced with inflatable flailing middle-fingers that bear the slogan “Hug THIS.”