barrett stockKeeping a close eye on World Wrestling Entertainment’s stock prices amid the company’s renewed TV deal with NBCUniversal, Wade Barrett had the unenviable task of reporting to WWE shareholders.

“Investors, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news,” Barrett said nervously, hoping not to agitate the roomful of shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting.

“Our stock has fallen about 45 percent. Oh, and subscriptions to the WWE Network are lower than projected. Sorry about that.”

Barrett usually relishes his role as a smarmy doomsayer, but felt sheepish about delivering bad news to investors in the publicly traded company — particularly about the estimated $45-52 million loss the WWE Network is expected to suffer this fiscal year.

His typical confidence conspicuously absent, Barrett said in a barely audible whisper: “Wall Street confidence in the company seems to be faltering.”

Then, in a highly uncharacteristic move, Barrett attempted to add a silver lining to the dour news: “WrestleMania was pretty great, though, right?”