backlund sammartino hall of fame
Bob Backlund is reportedly planning to upstage Bruno Sammartino at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.

Determined to claim what he believes is his rightful place in wrestling history, deranged wrestler Bob Backlund reportedly intends to choke out rival Bruno Sammartino at WWE’s glitzy Hall of Fame ceremony this weekend.

Sources close to Backlund say the 63-year-old former champion is obsessed with proving his dominance over Sammartino, whom Backlund believes is “overrated.”

Backlund has been spotted recently wandering the streets of New Jersey, clad in suspenders and a bowtie, repeatedly muttering the phrases “Bruno’s a chump” and “crossface chicken wing” and other unintelligible babble.

WWE has allegedly hired extra security to protect Sammartino during the ceremony. Security guards hired by WWE, however, have an abysmal success rate at actually providing any real security.

Some people within WWE have dismissed Backlund’s rants as harmless bluster.

One WWE commentator, who wished to remain anonymous, said Backlund is “as crazy as a pet coon.”