Longtime babyface Shawn Michaels is reportedly in denial about his transition into an old-man-face.

Although his boyish good looks once endeared him to wrestling fans worldwide, so-called “babyface” Shawn Michaels is has been steadily becoming a middle-aged-man-face.

“He was one of the greatest babyfaces in the wrestling business,” wrestling analyst Ian Alexander told Kayfabe News. “But now? Man, any baby with that face would look awfully weird.”

For much of his career, Shawn Michaels elicited empathy and pathos from wrestling audiences thanks to his almost childlike visage, his athletic physique and his flowing blond hair.

But it seems that even the prettiest wrestlers are not immune to the ceaseless march of Father Time, and Michaels’ once-flawless face now bears wrinkles and crows feet, and his previously lush hair is thinning and hidden beneath a cowboy hat.

Inexplicably, Michaels still goes by the nickname “The Heartbreak Kid,” and during his occasional WWE appearances he still insists that his ring entrances be accompanied by a song with the lyrics: “I’m just a sexy boy, I’m not your boy toy.”