nirvana baby
“Most people don’t even realize it was the same baby,” says Jacobs. “Well it was the same baby. Me. And both things were humiliating.”

Child stardom rarely turns out well for the child stars, and nobody exemplifies this more than Spencer Jacobs, who achieved fame early in life by appearing on the album cover of Nirvana’s genre-defining album Nevermind, and then getting punted into the 27th row of an arena by WWE wrestler Snitsky.

“I have suffered emotional and physical trauma, not just from the punt, but from knowing everyone who saw the punt had also seen my willie,” said Jacobs, who also also briefly played Baby Geoffrey on Everybody Loves Raymond

He added that the punt — which was recorded on live WWE television without his consent — has left permanent psychological damage. “I get panic attacks when I watch football and it’s fourth-and-long.”

Jacobs is suing WWE for a reported $11 million in damages, but he says it’s not about the money — it’s about holding guilty parties accountable.

“The worst part about this whole thing,” Jacobs says, “is that Snitsky has never — not once — admitted fault.”  


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