Female wrestling fan
The incongruously attractive woman in the front row is considered far to good-looking to merely be attending the wrestling event as a fan.

An incongruously good-looking woman in the front row of a WWE house show is widely believed among fans to be the wife, girlfriend or mistress of one of the wrestlers.

“She’s way too hot to be here just for fun,” said Tyler Cole, who has been distracted by the woman’s sexiness for most of the show.

The woman, a blonde with larger-than-average bosoms and glimmering jewelry on every appendage, has been fiddling with her cellphone for most of the show, but paid closer attention during a match between Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes.

The woman’s presence in the front row has caught the attention of many fans, who had never seen a woman remotely as beautiful anywhere near a wrestling event.

Some speculate she is Rhodes’ wife, but others insist she is probably a so-called “ring rat.”

Several fans have considered approaching her to ask why she is there, but none of the males in the audience has any experience speaking to attractive women.