asuka empress
Asuka (left), is only Empress of the next 24 hours, which puts her at a disadvantage against the Empress of Next Week.

Professional sports-entertainer Asuka, the “Empress of Tomorrow” for whom no one is ostensibly ready, may meet her match next week with the WWE debut of Japanese phenom Tomiko Fujisawa — the so-called “Empress of Next Week.”

According to backstage sources, Fujisawa was recently granted permission to compete in WWE by Japan’s all-powerful Emperor of This Month, Funaki Indiido.

There is a long and acrimonious history between Asuka and Fujisawa, who battled against one another in Japanese promotion F*TURES LADY PURORESU, which was dominated by the legendary Empress of Two Weeks From This Tuesday.

The Empress of Next Week will reportedly be managed by Lord Tensai, the totally-not-a-white-guy-with-shaven-back who holds lordship over Japan’s Tensai prefecture.

Sources within WWE suggest that the feud between The Empress of Tomorrow and The Empress of Next Week may culminate at WrestleMania 35 in a three-way dance with Japanese legend Tomoko Tonosaki, better known as The Empress of the Not-Too-Distant-Future.


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