Please retire
Millionaire pro wrestler The Big Show pretends he is bothered by slack-jawed yokels telling him to retire.

Brad Stansfield, a 42-year-old night manager at an Arby’s sandwich restaurant in Pasadena, failed to see the sad irony in his words when he screamed “Please retire” at wealthy professional wrestler The Big Show during a recent WWE event.

“Please re-tie-err!” Stansfield repeatedly bellowed in a sing-songy tone, the smell of inexpensive roast beef emanating from his unwashed hair.

“Please re-tie-err!”

The Big Show, who earns a seven-figure salary while travelling the world to sports-entertain millions, pretended to be angered by the chants, even feigning tears.

Stansfield, and the four-dozen grown men who joined his chant, basked in their unreasonable sense of superiority, feeling they had really put the wealthy giant in his place.

After the event, Stansfield began a ten-hour shift at a job he hates, while the Big Show dined on filet mignon in his luxurious tour bus en route to his mansion.

Stansfield spent much of his shift bragging to coworkers that he “totally embarrassed Big Show” at the event, until he was required to clean up a mustard spill.