The most exciting aspect of Royal Rumble match is that any of the 30 participants could win the over-the-top-rope elimination match, thereby earning a main-event spot at WrestleMania.

As commentator Gorilla Monsoon used to say, “Anything can happen here in the WW(E).”

Given the random order of entries into the Rumble, and the chaotic nature of the action, the match could be won by literally anybody.
Except, of course, for the following participants:
Christian, Sin Cara, Darren Young, Big E,  Santino Marella, Jack Swagger, either of Los Matadores, Xavier Woods, R-Truth, Zack Ryder, Kofi Kingston, Damien Mizdow, either member of the Ascension, Stardust, Rusev, Darren Young, The Miz, Bad News Barrett, Curtis Axel, Erick Rowan, Fandango, Luke Harper, and Tyson Kidd.
Those guys don’t stand a chance.
The only likely winner of the Royal Rumble match is Heath Slater, according to an extremely unreliable source. 

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