“How I Met Your Mother” will air on the WWE Network, right after the remark of Three’s Company starring The New Day.

A slate of original programming is coming soon to the WWE Network, including a remake of the popular sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” featuring the zany comedic stylings of Kurt Angle and his son Jason Jordan.

Filmed in front of a live studio audience in Stamford, CT, and narrated by Bob Saget, the show chronicles the adventures of a young Olympic gold medalist who gets caught up in the madcap world of pro wrestling — and hilarity ensues!

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In the pilot episode, for example, young Kurt Angle (portrayed by Drew Gulak) pays a visit to an ECW event, where he is shocked and appalled by an ill-conceived Easter pageant.

Angle and Jordan are real-life father and son, but it is unknown how closely the sitcom will parallel the real story of how Angle met Jordan’s mother.

Although some critics have questioned the historical veracity of the sitcom of the story (spoiler alert: it involves a tiny cowboy hat, the song Jimmy Crack Corn, and lots of milk), Angle himself insists it is “damn true.”