Enzo hits rope
WWE Superstars will no longer face the threat of concussion from hitting the middle rope, as the offending rope has been removed from all rings

Seeking to protect the wellbeing of its performers, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today it has eliminated the middle rope from its rings, thereby preventing injuries like the one recently suffered by Enzo Amore.

During a recent pay-per-view event, Amore suffered a concussion after clipping his head on the middle rope, rendering him temporarily incapable of hollering interminable, nonsensical catch-phrases.

Although Amore is expected to be back to “normal” soon, his doctors urged WWE to remove the taut steel cable, as it clearly poses a safety hazard to performers.

Eager to avoid further injuries (83 percent of the WWE roster is currently shelved with injuries), WWE removed the middle rope, is urging all wrestlers to generally avoid all ropes when possible.

Some pundits have criticized the removal of the rope, arguing that wrestlers now face the threat of tumbling through the gap between ropes to the arena floor.

Dean Ambrose, for instance, suffered a shoulder injury last night after the missing rope caused him to badly botch his ridiculous reboundy-lariat schtick.