trump and clinton WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump confessed this morning that his run for the American presidency has been a colossal and ingeniously deceptive gag for WWE prank show Swerved.

“Gotcha, suckers!” a jovial Trump said this morning during a press conference at WWE’s Connecticut headquarters, where he and company chairman Vince McMahon spent two years hatching the elaborate ruse for the Jackass-like program.

“You’ve been Swerved, America [Uproarious laughter]!”

Trump was then joined at the podium by “opponent” Hillary Clinton, who was in on the joke from the get-go, where the duo exchanged cheek-kisses and high-fives.

“You people actually thought I, Donald Jehoshaphat Trump, wanted to be President of the United States?” Trump asked the crowd. “That’s hilarious!”

Trump then apologized to the media for jokingly calling them liars, and said he will donate $5 million toward a project to build a moving sidewalk between the US and Mexico, making immigration less strenuous.

Trump said he is looking forward to his next WWE appearance at Survivor Series, where he will portray the Gobbledy Gooker.