Strowman ambulance
The ambulance that was brutally flipped by Brawn Strowman says it’s payback time.

Still battered and scraped from the attack it suffered last week at the hands of hollering colossus Braun Strowman, a vengeance-seeking ambulance is expected to open Raw tonight by calling out Strowman. 

The ambulance was badly injured and carried away to hospital inside a much larger ambulance after Strowman displayed superhuman strength by flipping it on its side, with some guy still strapped to a stretcher inside. 

While the medical condition of the guy inside is unknown and generally considered inconsequential, the ambulance has not been medically cleared to wrestle or ambulate. 

But the ambulance has vowed revenge against Strowman, wailing at a press conference today: “EEEEE-OOOO-EEEEE-OOOOO-HONK-HONNNNNK-EEEE-OOOO.”

One backstage source says the ambulance has some “backup” in its corner — the feisty young stretcher that Strowman flipped over with some guy strapped onto it.