Professional sports-entertainment play-by-play man Michael Cole (real name Adam Cole Sr.) remarked on a recent episode of Friday Night Smackdown that six-foot-eight Erick Rowan has “amazing agility for big man,” thus maintaining Cole’s perfect record of describing all big men as such.

michael cole
Michael Cole has described Billy Gunn as having a “great face for an ass man.”

In recent weeks, Cole has enthused about the remarkable agility of Bobby Lashley, Braun Strowman, Lars Sullivan, Kane, The Undertaker, Rusev, both members of Heavy Machinery, that big boxer guy they’re hyping for some reason (Kung Fury?), The Authors of Pain (Occam and Razor), Brock Lesnar, Luke Gallows, The Viking Warrior Raiding Experience Connection, and the late Andre the Giant.

Even more puzzlingly, Cole described his son Adam as having “incredible size for a small man,” Sheamus as having “incredible pigment for an albino man,” and his boss as having “incredible sanity for a McMahon.”

Carrying on a long tradition among WWE announces, Cole is employing a rhetorical device in which a commentator embellishes a sports-entertainer’s lesser attributes by leveraging them favorably against that sports-entertainer’s positive traits — a technique known informally as “bullshitting.”

The technique can be taken to an absurd extreme, however, such as when Cole described Becky Lynch as having “amazing femininity for a man.”

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