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Eugene “Gene” Snitsky denies fault.

In late 2004, fans of professional sports-entertainment were shocked when a small baby was punted into the 17th row during a live broadcast of WWE Monday Night Raw. 

The baby somehow survived the incident, and now 17-year-old Timothy Dumas-Jacobs is seeking legal reparations for the pain and suffering he endured during his first year of life. 

Timothy, the illegitimate son conceived by Lita and and her abductor Kane, was brutally punted by Eugene “Gene” Snitsky, who has since denied any responsibility in the incident.

“It’s not my fault,” Snitsky said when asked by reporters about the impending lawsuit, but he refused to elaborate further. 

According to documents filed in court, the lawsuit targets Snitsky for the actual punting, and WWE boss Vince McMahon for dreaming up the whole thing and insisting it was “such good s**t.”

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