In what appears to be a first strike in a war against rival promotion American Extreme Wrestling (AEW), World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has deleted all footage of current AEW leaders Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes from its proprietary streaming network.

A WWE spokesperson called the deletion “just standard maintenance of the network,” the spokesperson declined to explain why the only footage removed was of current AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) stars, responding only by repeating the phrase “we put smiles on people’s faces” several-dozen times.

As of this morning, a user searches the term “Cody Rhodes” on the WWE Network, the search yields only a handful of results in which Stardust is quickly squashed.

If a user searches “Chris Jericho” on the network, a handful of his matches become available, but his head has been digitally replaced with the humorless visage of Lancelot “Lance” Storm.

Asked by reporters if he intends to go to war against AEW, WWE mogul Vince McMahon replied: “Quite frankly, I’ve never heard of it, quite frankly.”


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