aleister black injury
The image was snapped a split second before Aleister Black was hurled like a medieval weapon through the arena.

Sports-entertainer Aleister Black is being treated for a severely bruised coccyx today after the hydraulic lift that creates his vampire-like ring entrance misfired during rehearsal today, catapulting him more than 200 feet through the air inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Arena.

Due to a sheer stroke of luck, Black was launched directly into the ring and landed flat on his back, causing Jeff Hardy, who was standing nearby, to ask if he could try the device next.

The hydraulic device used in incident was accidentally plugged into a much stronger power source than usual, leading to a sudden and unexpected “push,” much like the trajectory of Black’s career itself.

This was not the first hydraulic-related accident in WWE history; Rey Mysterio was once launched a full 45 feet in the air by an misfiring platform underneath the staging, and the Brood were once trapped beneath the stage for several days when their platform failed to raise through a flaming hole.

Black is expected to recover within four to six weeks, during which time he is expected to add at least two-dozen tattoos to the nonsensical mishmash of his “art” on his skin.

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