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An image of Akeem in 1998, displaying strange attire and dance moves that have no known corollaries in African culture.

More than 20 years after his debut in the World Wrestling Federation, Akeem “The African Dream” has come under scrutiny for allegedly fabricating certain aspects of his African heritage.

“We have reason to believe that Akeem may not have been African at all,” reads a press release issued by the International African History Society (IAHS).

In support of their claims, the IAHS has published a list of facts about Akeem that seem to suggest that the corpulent wrestler did not hail from the “deepest darkest parts of Africa,” as Gene Okerlund insisted in 1988.

Among the points on the list:

– Akeem spoke with an American accent

– Akeem was grossly overweight, which is not common in Africa

– Akeem’s peculiar, spastic style of dance had no known corollary in African culture

– Akeem was white

Akeem has refused to comment on the issue, referring all questions to his manager, Slick.

Slick’s credibility, however, has also been called into question because he’s a jive soul bro who always lies to his friends.

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