AJ Lee nude
AJ Lee hopes the new year will be full of crazy, whorish misadventures.

Professional wrestler and psychotic nymphomaniac AJ Lee made a New Year’s resolution to be more sexually promiscuous and maniacal during 2013.

At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, the petite monster pledged to kiss every man on the WWE roster — and subsequently betray each in a spectacularly shocking manner — during the coming year.

“If you thought I was a skanky lunatic in 2012, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Lee, staring in a mirror and coquettishly batting her eyelashes.

Shortly after making her resolution at a New Year’s party among fellow WWE wrestlers, she skipped over to Antonio Cesaro, licked his neck and proposed marriage.

She then punched Cesaro in the groin and, with a girlish giggle, winked at Brodus Clay.