Aj lee weight
Paige reacts to the sudden vanishing of AJ Lee.

After going on a fad “cleanse” diet to keep her already-waifish body in ring shape, WWE Diva AJ Lee lost five pounds this week, vanishing completely.

A pair of high-top Converse boots and daisy duke shorts were all that remained of Lee after she ceased existing during a match against fellow WWE Diva Paige.

It is believed that, having lost the entirety of her body weight, Lee poofed out of physical reality, her flesh and bones dissipating into a wispy, bubblegum-scented vapor.

Fellow Divas repeatedly told Lee that she didn’t need to lose any weight, given the prominence of her ribcage and her susceptibility to getting whisked away by gentle breezes.

Most other WWE Divas, despite having borderline-anorexic frames like Lee’s, are safely buoyed to the ground by the weight of their silicone-laden bosoms.

Paige, meanwhile, recently avoided direct sunlight for a week and became completely transparent.