JR Gawd
A deeply philosophical man, Jim Ross has often pondered — but not reached a conclusion — on the existence of Gawd.

Professional wrestling commentator Jim Ross said on Twitter yesterday that, despite much soul searching, he is still agnostic about the existence of Gawd.

“I certainly like the idea of Gawd, but I am not a true believer,” Ross tweeted.

For decades, wrestling fans have assumed that Ross is a deeply religious man, due to his frequent, enthusiastic proclamations of “Bah Gawd” when something extraordinary happens in the ring. In one famous instance, Ross seemed rapt in a religious experience when, after Mick Foley was thrown from atop a steel cage to a table below, he shouted “Good Gawd almighty — they’ve killed him!”

But in private, Ross has apparently been undecided about the existence of Gawd, and has used Gawd’s name in a more figurative than literal sense.

Sources close to Ross say he is an introspective and somewhat spiritual man, but is not tied to any specific religious, dogmatic conception of Gawd.

Ross attended church for a brief period in 2006, after witnessing a tag team match at Backlash, in which Shawn Michaels partnered with Gawd.