shockmaster aew
The Shockmaster saves the day with a perfectly timed stumble to prevent a much worse explosion.

Fans watching the AEW Revolution pay-per-view Sunday were shocked to learn that the much-hyped “surprise” signee turned out to be none other than former WCW superstar The Shockmaster, who crashed the main-event “deathmatch” as only he can. 

At the precise moment that a giant bomb was set to explode, destroying the ring and everyone in it, The Shockmaster short-circuited the pyrotechnics when he stumbled through a poorly constructed wall, losing his glittery helmet in the process. Commentator Tony Shiavone hollered that it was “Vintage Shockmaster.”

Thankfully, The Shockmaster’s bumbling heroics prevented an explosive catastrophe, given that the ring was reportedly packed with more C4 than Vince McMahon’s ill-fated limousine, which killed McMahon for several days. 

Longtime wrestling fans will remember The Shockmaster from his epic WCW debut, which has been replayed on YouTube more times than any other debut in pro wrestling history, making it the greatest debut of all time. 

AEW has reportedly signed The Shockmaster to an eight-figure contract, and he is expected to face Jon Moxley (real name Dean Ambrose) in a “Sparklers and Tripping Hazards Death Match” at AEW’s flagship event, Quadruple or Nothing. 



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