Ted “Timber” Reece (left) and Buck Smith (second from right) got a stern reprimand from their boss for a scuffle that resulted in a costly delay.

A real lumberjack match — a violent dust-up between a pair of forestry workers at an Oregon logging camp — resulted in nothing but a costly delay in lumber transport.

Unlike a professional wrestling match, during which a group of wrestlers surround the ring to prevent the escape of either competitor, the real thing was much shorter and far less entertaining.

The two men involved in the scuffle — Ted “Timber” Reece and Buck Smith — were not surrounded by a circle of their peers, but instead tussled at the base of a giant redwood tree for an audience of none.

The fight was reportedly sparked by a disagreement over whose turn it was to fetch coffee from the nearby camp.

The two men swung punches for roughly a minute before Reece stormed off and fetched the coffee.