aj styles house
AJ Styles sports-entertains better than be builds.

Although professional sports-entertainer Abraham Jeremiah (AJ) Styles proudly proclaims that SmackDown LIVE is the “house that AJ Styles built,” a recently leaked photo of the house he did indeed build indicates his carpentry skills are sub-par at best.

The Styles family household in Marietta, GA is a ramshackle bungalow built on a sewage runoff flood plain, with a south-facing wall constructed entirely of materials stolen from the Impact Zone.

While Styles is generally regarded as one of the top 200 in-ring performers in WWE history, his house-building skills are so substandard that he was sent back to “developmental” carpentry school four times during his 20s.

According to a witness who has been inside the Styles household, the pipes leak, the floors are uneven, and the unfinished basement is occupied a half-feral Claire Lynch and her child.

Backstage WWE sources reveal that, in light of the leaked photo, SmackDown LIVE may be more accurately re-named “the apartment that AJ Styles rents.”

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