dusty rhodes
Aces & Eights in a Harley race down dusty roads

According to police reports, the criminal wrestling faction Aces & Eights was last seen engaged in a fast-paced Harley race down rural dusty roads.

The violent gang, which has terrorized Total Non-Stop Action for months, have apparently gone off in search of rival biker gang, The Disciples of Apocalypse (D.O.A.).

The gang of renegade road warriors claim to be chasing the American dream in search of EZ money, fuelled by diesel en route to the Grand Kanyon.

They were last spotted near Cody, Wyoming, their motorcycles kicking up a cloud of yellow debris that one onlooker described as “gold dust.”

Aces & Eights eventually turned onto Badstreet USA, then down Adrian Street, before stopping for the night at the Smackdown Hotel (at the corner of Jabroni Blvd).



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