Abdullah the Butcher
Abdullah the Butcher bleeds copiously from his forehead moments after stubbing his pinky toe.

Shuffling toward his bathroom in the dark for a late-night pee, Abdullah the Butcher stubbed his toe on a door frame, leading to profuse bleeding from his forehead.

“Dammit!” blurted the Madman From Sudan, grasping his throbbing pinky toe as a rivulet of blood flowed from a deep gash in his creased head.

Leaning against his bathroom sink, the veteran hardcore wrestler wiggled his toe to ensure it wasn’t broken, then toweled off the proverbial crimson mask of blood glistening on his face.

Following his pee, Abdullah muttered to himself that he should wear his curly-toed boots when walking around in the dark. He then duct-taped the gash on his forehead and went back to bed.

The stubbed toe was the most recent in a series of minor domestic mishaps for The Butcher — a slight hernia while gardening, a poison ivy rash, a mild burn from bacon splatter — all of which resulted in profuse bleeding from his forehead.

Abdullah’s pet cat, who was standing nearby, later died of Hepatitis C.