suplex city
Adam Rose’s holler of “Abdominal Stretch City, Bitch” failed to garner the reaction he was hoping for.

Hoping to capitalize on the viral success of Brock Lesnar’s now iconic utterance “Suplex City, bitch,” WWE mid-carder Adam Rose tried and failed this week to popularize “Abdominal Stretch City, bitch.”

Whereas Lesnar inadvertently launched an entire industry of t-shirts and internet memes after his off-the-cuff remark at WrestleMania, Rose failed to even garner a mild reaction from the fans at a recent taping of WWE Superstars.

“Abdominal Stretch City, bitch!” hollered Rose while applying the hold to Jack Swagger, to the utter indifference of the audience.

Somewhere, in the distance, a dog barked.

Some wrestling pundits suggest that Rose’s version of the phrase failed to catch on because it lacks the spontaneity and alliterative charm of Lesnar’s. Others say it’s because the abdominal stretch is boring.

Undeterred, Rose insists that in his next match he will scream:”Collar-and-elbow-tie-up City, bitch!”


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