Professional sports-entertainer The Undertaker (real name Waldo Greenblatt) has had an unparalleled career in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), spanning multiple decades and leaving a trail of vanquished opponents in his wake.

In the only fitting way to pay tribute to such a monumental warrior of the ring, Kayfabe News has compiled this career retrospective using the most widely used parlance of our times: cat gifs.


Debut with Ted DiBiase

When The Million Dollar Man unveiled a phantasmagorical newcomer at Survivor Series 1990, we can only assume that he was lured from the grave by the promise of generous compensation from his wealthy benefactor. Below, DiBiase is represented by Snowflake (right), and the Undertaker is represented by Captain Wigglebottom.

undertaker cat

Early days with Paul Bearer

Shortly after The Undertaker’s debut, he was paired with pasty-faced manager Paul Bearer (portrayed below by the white Hair Baller). The duo were mystically connected by a magical urn, which was presumably filled with catnip.

paul bearer cats

Lord of Darkness & The Ministry

Below, the Undertapurr abducts Stephanie McMahon to appease a higher power, which was originally presumed to be Satan — a presumption that was confirmed when it was revealed to be Satan’s alter-ego, Vince McMahon.

American Bad Ass

WWE transitioned to more reality-based storylines and characters during a period known as the Cattitude Era.

Return of the Deadman

Once the biker gimmick had run its course, The Undertaker returned to his undead mortician schtick, which is pretty ridiculous if you actually take a moment to think about it.


An ultimate fighter-type guy, but still kind of a magical zombie or something?

So he started doing MMA submissions and wore those fingerless fighting gloves, but still seemed capable of summoning lightning at will. The Phenom had a bit of an identity crisis during this period.

End of the Streak

Fans of sports entertainment were shocked when Brock Lesnar (represented below by Snugglepuss Fuzzybutt, left) conquered the Undertaker (represented below by Meowrk Meowlaway), ending the Phenom’s legendary WrestleMania winning streak. Below, Lesnar barely escapes the triangle choke before unleashing 73 consecutive German suplexes.

Super Show-Down in Australia

In what was billed as a “Last Last Time Ever, Ever” match, Triple H and The Undertaker went toe to toe, though both were clearly losing the battle to Father Time.


Podcast Host

Having stepped away from in-ring battle, the Undertaker is entertaining audiences with his zany impressions and improv comedy on Dead Man Talkin’.

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