RKO clips funny
A clip from a humorous RKO video — one of thousands that is currently bogging down the internet.

A report issued today by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) warns of a potential “data shortage crisis” as the vast majority of global internet bandwidth is being used by humorous clips depicting wrestler Randy Orton delivering his signature “RKO” maneuver to unsuspecting idiots.

The FCC announced that it will immediately crack down on internet service providers through which such popular clips — such as “Singing Skater Gets RKO’d” and “Parkour Guy Gets RKO’d” — are being shared virally across the internet.

The short videos typically show footage a person suffering a painful accident, such as a skateboard wipe-out or a botched backflip, with a haphazardly animated image of Orton digitally inserted into the footage to create the illusion that the WWE star has actually hit the person with his finishing move.

A spokesperson for the FCC said the clips are “clogging the entire internet” because they are “from a technical standpoint, frigging hilarious.”

The new report suggests that, if current trends continue, by early November Randy Orton will have been RKO’d every person who has ever been humiliated on YouTube (roughly 4.7 billion people).

Making matters worse, the internet suffered a major slowdown last night when every wrestling fan on earth tweeted “HOLY SH*T” after Orton delivered a real RKO to Dolph Ziggler.

To further clog the internet, Kayfabe News presents this compilation of funny RKO clips: