Beast in the east wwe
We kinda figured Owens would retain, so we used a picture of him with the belt. Oops.

Is it Tuesday already? Crap. First we sleep through the live broadcast of “Beast in the East,” and now we realize we forgot to publish our predictions.

Well, here they are. We wouldn’t have been 100 percent right anyway.

7. Kevin Owens Will Retain His NXT Championship

So, we totally meant to publish this article on, like, Thursday of last week. But things have just been crazy at work and, well, yeah…

6. Jericho Will Put Over Neville

In our haste, we just took our prediction from our WrestleMania 29 list and swapped the word “Fandango” with “Neville.” It seemed like a safe bet at the time. Kind of moot now, though.

5. Heyman Cuts Amazing Promo on Japanese Fans

Was he even there? The show aired so goddamned early in the morning, does anyone even recall? Until proven otherwise, we’ll presume this happened.

4. Steve Austin Makes Surprise Appearance

Meltzer said this was a “sure thing.” Goddammit, Dave! We would have done more research about this ourselves, but our cousin’s wedding was this weekend and we were distracted by that, especially because Aunt Judy was being a drama queen and, well, you don’t need to know the details.

3. Hideo Itami Interferes in Owens-Balor Match

He totally should have! We stand behind this prediction because it makes sense. But, admittedly, this prediction would have been more evocative if we had published it BEFORE the event. Oops. We just totally lost track of time, is all.

2. Main Event Will Steal the Show

Isn’t the main event SUPPOSED to be the best match on a show? To be honest, we didn’t even know what the main event was going to be. We were already short on time, so we just figured this was a safe prediction. Boy, were we ever wrong, huh?! It ended up being┬ásome nonsensical tag match with Cena and Kane and some other guys, right? Lame.

1. Kingston Will Upset Lesnar

Admit it: that would have been wayyyy more interesting that what actually happened.

Sorry about this. We’re usually more punctual. To compensate, we’ll be publishing our WrestleMania 32 predictions tomorrow.