baron corbin
Sacha Baron Corbin, star of Borat.

Baron Corbin burst onto the main roster of World Wrestling Entertainment in 2016, winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal for some reason. 

Since then, he has dominated the WWE mid-card by defeating somebody, also defeating some other guy, and perhaps winning the Money in the Bank thingy (though we might be confusing him with Dean Ambrose). 

But who is this lumbering “lone wolf” with the lifeless eyes and fast-receding hairline? 

Here are five things you probably don’t know — and we definitely don’t know — about Baron Corbin. 

5. His Real Name

No clue, but he kind of looks like a Todd. Everybody knew a guy named Todd in high school who had long hair and a crappy attitude because his parents didn’t buy him a car or whatever. So let’s call him Todd. Todd… oh, I don’t know… Menderchuk. 

4. His Hometown

Somewhere in Nebraska, by the looks of him. Some town where the largest employer is a chicken de-beaking factory or a meth lab masquerading as a Jiffy Lube. 

3. His Prior Athletic Career

We’re assuming football. He looks like the football type. Jim Ross would totally know the answer to this. What’s the football team in Kansas City? The Sportsmen or somesuch? Let’s go with that. He played… Wide Halfback (?) for the Kansas City Sportsmen. 

2. His In-Ring Persona

Is he a biker? An assassin? Or just some greasy guy who likes leather? Is he supposed to be kind of mentally slow (not, like, Eugene-slow, but a bit dim), or does he just come across that way naturally? Is he meant to be an actual “baron” of some sort? 

1. His Appeal

Some fans actually seem interested in this guy. How weird is that?