Brock lesnar bok clubJust when you thought this summer couldn’t get any hotter, pro wrestler Brock Lesnar has announced the five steamiest new novels from his popular book club!

Lesnar, an avid reader and aspiring writer of pulp erotica, has surpassed Oprah Winfrey as the world’s most trusted source of reading recommendations.

“Whether you’re lazing on the beach or curled up under your favorite blanket, you’ll love these titillating tales,” Lesnar wrote on his blog,

Lesnar’s picks:

5. Eat, Sleep, Love, Repeat

A gentle giant of a man sets out on a journey of self-discovery, but his encounter with a buxom blonde in hand-shaped bodypaint awakens his inner beast.


4. The Lust Incarnate

For those who found 50 Shades of Grey too cerebral, this engrossing romp has all the holds, throws, and belly-to-belly badness any naughty reader could ask for.


3. The Next Big Thing

A rollicking tale “equal parts naughty and nice” (New York Times book review), this passionate page-turner chronicles a handsome showbiz newcomer overcoming backstage politics — and his own inhibitions — to truly shine.


2. Conquer My Heart

A tantalizing tale of a grizzled former prizefighter who realizes his toughest battles happen not in the ring, but in his heart.


1. Submission Holds: Living Dangerously Part 2

An athletic Minnesota boy moves to the big city and meets a Paul, a dangerous older man who has a very enticing way with words.