wwe backlashWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is hosting the 27th of its 132 annual pay-per-views this Sunday, and we have five must-read predictions for, um, Backpack? Payday? 

WWE Backpedal — wait, is is this one Slapshot? — will feature the superstars of Smackdown in a pay-per-view that promises to be even exciting than the one that happened three days ago, WWE Packrat. 

The main event of WWE Flipflop will see longtime indy darling Randy Orton square off against the bodybuilder who recently resurrected the Jinder Mahal persona (previously portrayed by Tiger Ali Singh). 

Fans can expect the same kind of hard-hitting, high-flying action they have enjoyed in previous WWE pay-per-views, like Paywall, Flapjack, and Knapsack. Our predictions:

  • Orton defeats Mahal with an RKO out of exactly where you’d expect
  • Corbin Bernsen defeats Sami Zayn, because Vince McMahon hates you
  • Shiny McNamara beats that cute guy from the Spirit Squad
  • The six-woman tag match happens while you’re out of the room
  • Kevin Owens and AJ Styles remind you why you like wrestling

Also this weekend is NXT: tAkeOveRr rE:EvOLshun 7: ElecTRIC BooGaloO, which will feature such up-and-coming developmental talent as Wolfy Alexander Bagwell, Fuzz Sawyer, Lonely Orkan, and Heck No Javier.


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